Kimberly Garner, School of Holistic Design Life+Design Method Holistic ID Life Design from the inside out, the duality of interior design, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, desire &  the soul

Discover NeuroSpatial Linguistics: We are under the influence of whatever our home communicates.

The School of Holistic Design® offers a results oriented process for tuning our home & subconscious mind with our values, desires & intentions, accelerating our vision of an ideal life. Based in epigenetics, neuroplasticity & desire.

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Kimberly Garner, School of Holistic Design Life+Design Method Holistic ID Life Design from the inside out, the duality of interior design, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, desire &  the soul

The Life+Design Method

~ Identify what you want ~ Address the obstacles ~ Align your internal environment (mind) & external environment (home) accordingly ~ See what unfolds

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Discover the Language of Home

Our home communicates a silent language with our subconscious mind. When we understand the language, we tap into the potential home holds for our version of an "ideal" life.

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We Occupy Two Homes, the space of our mind and the place we call home.

Our home carries a hidden map which showcases and echoes who we are, what’s getting in our way and how we can align our life with what we most desire. Discover an unprecedented results-oriented method for reprogramming the subconscious mind while engaging the hidden potential our home holds for empowering the life we desire. Based in epigenetics, neuroscience, design & the soul, we offer a timeless blueprint for curating a self-designed life, evolving beyond the obstacles, enjoying life in closer alignment with our true nature by using our home as the canvas and catalyst for fulfilling our desires & personal evolving. The School of Holistic Design®

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I loved the Mental Reset so much! It came into my life at the perfect time as I am embarking on a healing journey as well as starting my own business. So much food for thought and reflecting that happened these last few weeks. I loved how it allowed me to take a deep dive into the spaces in my home as well as allowing me to hold up a mirror to myself. The Mental Reset has taught me so much and validated so many of my own thoughts and feelings about design and our home. It was truly a remarkable course!

Geralyn B.Atlanta, Georgia

“Creating space…. that’s become so important to me in my life; space for energy, and personal places that inspire me to connect to ‘my’ world. Working within Kimberly's format, I now understand how potent the impact is in my life. Embracing Kimberly’s unique approach to connecting my life to my living spaces has durably shifted my home and world with qualities I could never have imagined until working with her. Dip your toe in here. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Matthew T.Durango, Colorado

I have worked with Kimberly on several projects and, long-story-short, I love her work. She has approached my home and surroundings in a personal and intimate way. She has used my cherished things and brought them out for daily enjoyment as well as made space useful, fun and peaceful, while creating additional space that was unusable before. On top of the beautiful & personalized environment Kimberly has achieved in these projects, the best thing is that I have grown to love her and enjoy working with her so much.

Caroline M.Bayfield, Colorado

I felt intuitively guided to enroll in the Mental Reset & Certification. What followed was an incredible journey of self-discovery which led to significant improvements in my well-being, relationships, and work. The holistic approach to the program allowed me to delve deep into the areas of my life (and home) that I had been neglecting. The most powerful part of the course for me was the subtle reprogramming that unfolded as I began to understand the language of my home and my relationship to my environment. I am so grateful for the insight and tools I have gained. It was an enlightening experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to expand into a new level of consciousness.

Nehad H.Australia

The Mental Reset is the course I've been waiting for; one that connects my wellness with my space. I love how Kimberly incorporates the science of subconscious behavior and techniques to optimize the design of our spaces with our desires. It's got a geeky aspect to design that I've been craving-- in that proving that intentionally design homes get results in how we experience our daily lives. This course is more than basic elements of good design. It has heart and soul. It encourages self exploration on all counts of life: health, abundance, relationships, career, joy...and applies what's discovered to reflecting what we want to shift or draw forward into our lives via the plane of our homes. The world is asking for more wellness, for a slow down, for connection, and for growth. Kimberly's course offers us tools to get there by recognizing how our environments are extensions of our selves. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious to shift and enhance their lives in a compelling way.

Christine M.Todos Santos, Baja

“I first asked Kimberly to help me recreate our apartment as a gift for my partner, but after she worked her magic it was clear that an orderly flowing space is a huge benefit to my own creativity as well. In less than 9 months I’ve written an albums worth of songs & started a book I had put off for years. I’ve been entertaining like I’ve always wanted. Home is now inviting! I used to have to go to the coffee shop to work, I thought our place was too small, but the truth is it was blocked. Thanks Kimberly for all your magic and intuition!”

Daniel B.Seattle, Washington