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Design Trend: Bohemian Decor

Design Trend: Bohemian Decor

Design Trend: Bohemian Decor Both Trending and Timeless

Why are we drawn to Bohemian style design? This design style has been ‘on trend’ since the 1800’s…here’s why!

There’s more to the Bohemian home decor trend than meets the eye. The design trend of Bohemian Decor or Boho, as some like to call it, is both trending and timeless and adds warmth to all other design styles. You can capture the bohemian aesthetic by bringing certain elements into your space:

  • Lot’s of texture: sheepskin, natural materials, textures and fibers, handwoven rugs, macrame, tassels and fringe
  • Natural soft tones with splashes of color
  • Plenty of plants
  • Whimsical decor that speaks your personal story
  • Framed or unframed wall art
  • Display of personal collections in baskets, bowls or boxes (shells, feathers, sea glass, bones, rocks, concert tickets, coins from different countries)
  • Blending furniture styles all speaks to casual laid back comfort
  • Asymmetry with furniture layout and wall art.

The bohemian decor trend speaks volumes to the shift happening in our society, as well as what’s taking place within us on a more personal level.

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Read more to find out why the bohemian design trend never goes out of style.

To fully grasp this concept, let’s take a look at the influence home holds for our life. Are you aware your home tells your unique story and speaks to your values? It’s completely true. Certain design styles resonate with our innate nature while others do not and the decor which previously felt aligned during one stage of life might not feel so aligned during another stage.  This is because as we evolve intellectually and emotionally, who we are expands. The expression of oneself shifts and we need our living space to reflect this updated version to truly feel at home, inspired and empowered. Home as a mirror of who we are and where we’re headed is fundamental to our emotional and intellectual evolution. Additionally, the living space of home speaks a language. The potency of this language cannot be underestimated, it’s what makes the home a powerfully ally in feeling at home within the world and inner world of the self. Your living space creates an ongoing experience supporting who you are and your life path. This is the essence of Dwellosophy.

So what does any of this have to do with the Bohemian design trend?

The Popularity of Bohemian Decor Speaks to Shifts in Society

The eclecticism and popularity of Bohemian decor speaks to a greater social and personal shift occurring in the fabric of our society and will likely stick around for longer than we might imagine. To understand the unconventional style, it makes sense to take a deeper look into what it truly means to be “bohemian”.

Bohemian: adj. socially unconventional in an artistic way
n. a person who is interested in art, music, and/or literature, and lives in a very informal way, ignoring the usually accepted ways of behaving

… A Bohemian is simply an artist or littérateur who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art. [“Westminster Review,” 1862]

The term originated in France during the mid 1850’s, referring to a group of artists and creatives who moved into a low class gypsy neighborhood, thought to be from Bohemia in western Czech Republic. We see this trend today as artists move into low income outlying urban neighborhoods and shift the local culture and community in positive, captivating and outside the box ways.

A few Bohemian characteristics:

Living outside normal convention and boundaries
Seeks new experiences
Repels seeming confines of traditional living
Cerebral, inquisitive and creative

When we look at the characteristics of the Bohemian, we see a very close relationship with one specific archetype identified by Carl Jung. (An archetype is a universal, mythic character which exhibits the collective unconscious which spans time and represents the broader yet unique human narrative as it evolves.)

The Bohemian archetype speaks of the adventurer, the wanderer, the explorer.  Carl Jung classified 12 different archetypes and the explorer/wanderer falls in the soul category, those driven by a longing for self knowledge and understanding in order to enhance their spiritual, mental, or physical existence within the world, similar tied to the essence of the quintessential bohemian. These ideals speak as much to boho design as they speak to the individual spirit.  If we view the trend toward bohemian decor as an archetypal movement, we see a similar thread occurring in our world today.

Bohemian/Explorer Archetype Values:

Motto: Don’t fence me in
Core desire: Freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world
Goal: Experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life
Biggest fear: Getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness
Strategy: The journey, seeking out and experiencing new things
Talent: Being true to one’s soul


On a social and global level we see the longing to break free from outdated modes of being, social and political constraints and restricted ways of viewing the world and ourselves. Bohemian decor offers a freedom of expression similarly aligned like few other styles offer.  The boho eclectic decor speaks to this inner longing and supports what we hold to be intrinsically true for ourselves as well as our overarching values.  We’re ready to break the rules and live according to our own inner song. 

Bohemian decor offers creative liberty which spans income brackets, social class and time. There’s freedom, no judgment, no rules and plenty of texture conjuring spontaneity and following what feels good without having to explain why we do things a certain way.  We no longer need to fit into a box or be what anyone expects of us.  It’s courageous design for the sake of the Self, not for shock value or conformity or social expectation. It’s lighthearted, open to possibility with a sense of aliveness. By creating a space that’s infused with bohemian themes we arouse those parts of ourselves which seek the same ideals.

When we think of Bohemian lifestyle, we think of gypsy caravans, freedom, living in the moment, and following one’s bliss. When we bring those elements into the living space of our home we capture some of the magic the Bohemian lifestyle exudes and plant them as seeds for our spirit to grow. No matter what your design aesthetic, you can always bring in the characteristics of bohemianism by listening to your own voice and sense of self expression while throwing caution to the wind.

Your home is your canvas…your bohemian caravan.

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