Architectural+Design Services

Are you planning your dream home or ready to remodel your existing home? 

The design phase is the most vital ingredient of your project. How well you envision fundamental elements is pivotal to achieving your desired outcome. Many times, we leave much of the design process to an architect or interior designer without enough collaborative exchange. It’s critical your vision be integrated into the design from day one. 

Whether you’d like to work directly with Kimberly or explore the design phase on your own, here’s something important to consider...

The experience your home conveys is the most important component to the success of your design. Just because the conceptual design looks and sounds incredible does not necessarily mean the design will translate the way you intended. Your home can match the design perfectly and not align with your intention for how you ultimately want the space to feel. This is because a house communicates with us on different levels, what sounds and looks beautiful on paper might not feel as good when it’s brought to form. 

Have you ever been in a beautiful space, but for some reason you don’t like it or it just doesn’t feel cozy or welcoming? That’s precisely what I’m referring to. Within a split second our brain reads an environment (or room) using the senses. What happens in this tiny window of time is communicated within your brain and the outcome is how the space feels. The last thing we want is to put our precious time, enthusiasm and resources into building our dream home and have it not feel as we hoped and expected once we finally move in.  We want to design a space which visually and intrinsically translates your design intentions and how you want to experience the place you’ll call home.

Kimberly’s expertise lies in the language of architectural spaces. She’s spatially intuitive and adept in creating a space which reflects her clients unique story and specific design goals. How a space is interpreted via the senses is key to designing a space which innately feels like home.

Holistic Architectural & Design Consulting:

Together we develop a design agenda revolving around you and the experience you want your home to evoke and support. It’s not necessary to know exactly how you want your future home to look and feel. Working with Kimberly will help you develop design elements bespoke of you throughout your new home. Using a proprietary method, we create a design brief tailored to you. The brief allows us to fine tune key elements in concert with your overall vision and lifestyle. The design brief offers a fabulous framework for architects and designers to develop and launch their work with your goals at hand. This collaborative approach holds your vision central to each aspect of the design process. 

$2,500 retainer

*fee based on project scope beginning at $5,000/month

Kimberly also works with architects, builders and designers representing her clients vision throughout the construction phase. 

Architectural & Holistic Design Express: Need help and guidance fast?! This 60-75 minute session can truly set your design project off in the right direction. Developed for maximum benefit with economy of time and wallet, you’ll enjoy an information packed dialogue to address your design objectives.