Life+Design Coaching

We get one go at this life. Now is the time to set you on the path you desire. It’s not just an honor for me to co-conspire with you at this level, it’s a blast!

When you weave threads of your dreams into the space of your home, you create the tapestry of your ideal life. 

Would you like to conspire with me while learning a fun, effective method to implement lasting change via your home? 

Ongoing Private Coaching with Kimberly

Are you ready to push your life in the direction of your passion? If you’re ready to co-conspire to bring your vision to fruition via the interior space of your home, this relationship was designed with you in mind. Together we dedicate a minimum of 4 months developing your goals, addressing any obstacles getting in your way, and engaging your home to accelerate your vision.

Two 60 minute zoom calls/month, plus weekly emails with Kimberly $1250/month

Life Design Consultation (single session)

Feeling stuck? Want to make a shift in your home and your life? Or maybe you want a potent dose of Holistic ID to make sure your home is aligned with your intentions?  The Holistic ID Consultation offers an information packed hour session with Kimberly focusing on a specific room & topic you'd like to address. Session includes Holistic ID Home questionnaire and image instructions. (To be completed at least 3 days prior to your session so Kimberly has ample time to get acquainted with you and study your space.) Her 60-75 minute prep time is included in price.

60-75 minutes call

After you place your order, Kimberly will follow up with an email to schedule your session. 



Are you curious how addressing each room in your home can accelerate lasting change in your life? Are you feeling dissatisfied with a certain area of your life? Are you tired of your home and want to love where you live? Are you ready to begin building a life you love and don't know where or how to begin?  Maybe there’s something you’re ready to bring to the forefront of your life and you need some inspiration? Your home, a desire for change. and dedication to yourself is all that's required.

If you’re like most people, you’re overdue for an investment in you. Engaging a life you love is actually simpler than you might think and your home holds so many helpful tools!

All the answers you need live within you, on some level you already know this. Yet sometimes it requires the dynamic of collaboration with an outside perspective to evoke your vision, capture it and bring it to form. Working together on this level will not only change your life, you will learn the language your home speaks so you can tune any space in support of your desires and goals.

If you’re serious about going after your passion (or even discovering what that looks like), this collaborative relationship is for you. If you’re ready to infuse a healthy dose of enthusiasm and momentum behind your intentions and goals, Kimberly is the fierce advocate who will help you bring that vision to life.

This dynamic relationship holds your vision central to our process. Using a proprietary, results-oriented method, we’ll explore your version of an “ideal life”, address the obstacles blocking your progress and align your internal & external environments to accelerate your goals.